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A traffic exchange is a membership site that allows members to surf and view other members’ sites. Here a system of credits is applied wherein one credit equals one random member of the site who visits your page for a set amount of seconds. These credits can be converted into banner and text ads for promoting your site or affiliate links. Each exchange offers upgrade options which help you to get more credits as well as a higher commission rate.

You need to refer others to these traffic exchanges whereby you earn a portion of their credits while surfing along with commissions when they upgrade or buy advertising on the site. Once you are successful in creating a solid downline of active members, you can drive more traffic for doing so. You can even earn cash paid to you via PayPal.

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Leads, Leads, Leads!
Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner
Traffic, traffic, traffic everyone wants traffic to their website and affiliate links and that is what you will receive by joining traffic exchanges. Note if it is sales you want as stated, search engine traffic is the premium traffic source for generating sales online. Traffic exchanges are popular because you can generate lots and lots of traffic by surfing other peoples websites. And yes you can join traffic exchanges for free and generate traffic to your website, however their are many advantages to upgrading your free membership.  You will qualify and produce more traffic for your membershio upgrade. If you are on a shoe-string budget joining a traffic exchange is a means to an ends to get you started in the billion dollar annually of making money online.
Online traffic exchanges can provide your website or affiliate offer with free traffic, Trafficswarm not only does this but much more. Just by creating your free account, you will be able to enter a URL to major search engine submissions such as Google, make a free website yourself, surfing to gain credits to show your free websites more, and improve your website ranking. Want to gain more traffic?  Upgrade your membership to Pro, list an unlimited number of ads in their website directory, access the free website maker, and EARN CASH just by referring others to Trafficswarm. Click to Join!
If it is traffic you want, Traffic Swarm Will Deliver It!
For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link. There's no limit to free visits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000. If you have no time to view sites, you can purchase visits right after signup! Connect and communicate with other members, receive free yet optional reviews for your own ads. You receive 10% of hits earned by your direct referrals.
Easy to use, powerful and effective tools to create mini pages and site rotators are included. Even in the free plan! 
Top List Of Traffic Exchanges
Join As Many As You Would Like To Generate Traffic To Your Website
Easyhits4U - 1,563,163 members - Click Here To Join!
Herculist Plus - 86,547 members - Click Here To Join!
TrafficNCash247 - 6,896 members - Click Here To Join!
Click Voyager - 5,998 members - Click Here To Join!
Hungry For Hits - 12,932 members - Click Here To Join!
LeadsLeap - 11,900 members - Click Here To Join!
Traffic Swirl - 89,282 members - Click Here To Join!
TrafficG - 581,758 members - Click Here To Join!
Traffic Center - 9,239 members - Click Here To Join!
Quantum Safelist - 25,000 members - Click Here To Join!
The Key To Generating Traffic & Leads With Traffic Exchanges!
I am going to share with you - how I use Traffic Exchanges to generate traffic and sales and you can do the same. This is a tutorial on the advantage of joining Traffic Exchanges. If you are on a shoe-string budget follow along with me closely and you will be surprised at what I am going to share with you.

 Yes, it is true in order to be successful online, you need to generate tons of traffic to produce sales and income. And with what I am going to share with you - you will be able to generate traffic, leads and sales to just about any offer you wish to promote online. Now before we go any further, I am going to ask that  of our Top Ten Traffic Exchanges that I have listed - I would like for you to take the next 5 to 10 minutes and click on the Click Here To Join link below each banner. When you click the link, the Click Here To Join link will upon into a new window - that way you won't have to worry about leaving this page. Now when you have clicked the 10 links, I am going to ask you this question? What does clicking each link have in common? No, I am not going to get paid for having you click each link (no this is not pay to click) but I am going to tell you why each Traffic Exchange is using splash pages. You may have already figured this one out. Remember, I asked what did clicking all the links have in common? Well if you thought to yourself and observed each page - you would have noticed - clicking the Click Here To Join link you never went directly to the website. Yes, if you noticed this - Great For You! 

 There is a very good reason why and that reason why is that they wanted to capture your name and email and in some cases your phone number before you ever visit their website. Yes, there is a very good reason why. Splash pages or Capture pages are used to create mailing lists and sales funnels. Not all, but over half the links you clicked wanted this information first before you even visit their site.

 Now I have already done the math - if you join the 10 Traffic Exchanges for free - you would instantly create an email list of 2,381,715 individuals to put your website of affiliate links in front of - Yes, I will repeat this, you would have created a list of 2,381,715 potential buyers to promote your website or affiliate links.

You are now using the principle of the Sale Funnel. Now I ask you - if you just generate a 1% sales rate from your 2.3 million + member list, depending on the cost of your offer - you have made quite a bit of money for your efforts.

Everyone always ask me, Dexter how are you generating all those sales - well I just shared one of my secrets with you. I don't have to surf not one Traffic Exchange or click on emails links to earn credits to post my solo ads, banner ads or text ads to the traffic exchanges member list. Now, don't get me wrong there is nothing nothing wrong with surfing or clicking links for credits to post ads because that is just how I started out many years ago - surfing and clicking links to earn credits for free advertising without having to spend money out of my pocket -  in the early days - I did not have a dime in my pockets

 You know, surfing and clicking links in those days gave me an opportunity and plenty of time to come up with the systems that I use today so I would never have to depend on surfing or clicking links to promote my website or affiliate links. Today, I simply buy credits because the cost is very inexpensive to purchase solo ads, banner ads, text links and full page ads at the Traffic Exchanges.

 If you have ever dreamed of staying home, spending more time with your loved ones, and becoming financially free all at the same time - then here is your opportunity. If you have the desire and the willingness to earn more income each month and have the ability to follow this simple system that I have introduced for you to duplicate - you too can become one of thousands who are earning huge sums each month on their computers, tablets, ipad or phone.

 Let's sum up the advantages of joining Traffic ExchangesFirst, You can create a million + members list by signing up for as many traffic exchanges as you desire and signup is free. Now this is very important. Always read the guidelines set by each traffic exchanges. Every traffic exchange is unique. You need to make notes and refer to them often as you start out. Example the cost of upgrading vs. the cost of paying for solo ads, banner ads, etc. many times it is cost effective to upgrade rather than pay the cost of ads.The reason you receive added benefits for upgrading.

Secondly,Traffic Exchanges are not sharing their members list for you to add to your autoresponder. You post your ads for approval by the Traffic Exchanges and they are blasting out your ad copy to their members list. However as long as you are a member in good standing you will have no problem posting your ads to their members.

Lastly,  don't get disappointed or frustrated if you are not getting huge numbers of sales right away. Remember this is a numbers game, it is just like gambling. You never know when you are going to get hit with a rush of orders and sales - this is just the nature of the online marketing venture. You should be posting ads daily - again you never know when you are going to hit pay dirt or another way of expressing this - you never know when you hit payday. So with this in mind always be selling, always be posting ads.
By --- Dexter McGriff
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